No trial date set for a man charged with capital murder of a child

Isidro Delacruz Jr. was in court Tuesday for one of a series of pre-trial hearings. Judge Tom Gossett did not set a trial date for a jury trial.

Delacruz is scheduled to be in court for another pre-trial hearing July 11, 2016.

ORIGINAL STORY: A pre-trial hearing will be held next month for a man facing the death penalty for the murder of a child under 10 years of age. 

Twenty-five year old Isidro Miguel Delacruz Jr. is charged with capital murder in connection to an incident that occurred in September 2014.

According to court documents, at 3:20 a.m. on the morning of the murder, Delacruz broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home by entering through window of the residence at 2729 Houston St. The ex-girlfriend, Tonya Bermea, ran out of the house and called her mother. When Bermea’s mother arrived, Delacruz would not let them back into the house. Bermea and her mother drove to Delacruz’s mother’s house to assist in getting him out of the home.

When Bermea arrived back at her house, she saw her daughter laying on the floor with her throat slit, according to court documents, and Delacruz was covering the child’s throat with paper towels. When Bermea walked into the home, Delacruz punched her several times, pushed her outside on the sidewalk and began choking her.

Police received a call about a civil disturbance. When they arrived on scene, Bermea was in the front yard and Delacruz was walking back into the residence. The officer also saw Delacruz holding paper towels over the victim’s throat.

At the scene, there was a broken bathroom window with blood on the blinds. The officer reported blood to be all over the home – in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and leading out the front door. Delacruz had a laceration on the back of his upper left arm.

Police noticed blood splatter on a car parked outside the residence. That led them to believe something was thrown across the street. They then located what they believe was the knife used in the murder.

The district attorney’s office filed notice of intent to seek the death penalty on Nov. 13, 2014.