News reporter rescues man from high waters live on air

Houston television reporter, Steve Campion, helped rescued an elderly man from drowning in flooded waters, live on-air, Monday. 

An elderly man tried to drive through high rain waters Monday morning. He was unsuccessful as his vehicle was slowly submerged in the water.

Upon realization of his vehicle being almost fully submerged in water, the man was able to open his door and escape. He seemed to be shocked and shaken, asking Campion and others what he should do.

The man appeared to be confused exiting his vehicle as Campion told him to start swimming towards him.

Campion began to walk towards the man with microphone still in hand. He was able to help the man to safety, while still conducting his live news segment.

The National Weather Service says many deaths occur in automobiles as they are swept downstream. Many of these incidents can be prevented, the weather service said, drivers test limits and boundaries and continue to drive around barriers or flooded and unsafe waters. Six inches of fast moving flood water can knock over an adult and 12 inches of rushing water can carry a small car. Most vehicles can be carried away in two feet of rushing water, the NWS said.