New technology in use at Shannon Medical Center

A partnership between Shannon Medical Center and Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth has brought forth a program offering immediate access to specialized care to West Texas families.

Shannon physicians can now consult a wide array of board certified pediatric specialists from Cook Children’s about diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients by the use of telemedicine.

The Director of Marketing at Shannon Medical Center, Lyndy Stone, says that there are several financial as well as emotional benefits to the program.

“In cases where a new born is the patient that needs specialized care, and the mother is not healthy enough to travel, the mother and child now have a better chance at staying together and be treated together at Shannon. Earlier in cases like this the father might have had to travel with the child by himself, causing emotional distress on the mother,” Stone says.

Therefore, besides saving money and time on travel, the telemedicine program reduces anxiety and lets patients and family members meet the specialist over a telemedicine monitor before they make a decision on whether or not they should travel.

The goal of the program is to give children of San Angelo and surrounding communities the ability to receive everything they medically need in San Angelo.

Dough Schulz, Shannon Clinic Chief Medical Officer, says that they are excited to be the first to use this innovated technology in the San Angelo area and that although Shannon has highly-trained pediatricians, it is good to know that they can ask a “super-specialist” for help when needed.