New police station one of the city’s top priorities

City of San Angelo

The San Angelo City Council held a strategic planning meeting early this week to address upcoming City projects. 

The City’s top five projects remain the same but changed the order. The new police station moved from number five to number three.

The top five projects for the city are: water, streets, police station, wages and finally, development process.

The City is looking at ways to conserve water and to find additional water resources. Because of San Angelo’s drought conditions, water has and will continue to be in the forefront of priorities for the community. Infrastructure enhancements are necessary to reduce water loss and leakage. The current goal is set to reduce water loss by 13 percent over a five-year period by addressing infrastructure deficiencies. The City is also considering various option to add to the water supply that include a water reuse project, drilling more wells at the Hickory Aquifer and the Red Arroyo.

The City is beginning an $80 million dollar street project in 2016. Council’s goal is to renew 15 percent of city streets each year with an end goal of treating 100% of the streets every seven years.

A new or refurbished police station has been requested by the San Angelo Police Department and City Council. Once the project plans are approved, per the goal setting exercise, a bond election will be held if the price exceeds $5 million dollars.

Council has made it a priority to compensate City employees at the market rate in an effort to attract and retain its workforce. The current goal is reaching target salaries for all staff members within a three to four-year period.

According to a memo from the City, as San Angelo grows, it is important for the City’s development processes to keep up with the speed of builders. The following goals were set to improve our development processes: expedite projects-on-the-ground with consistency and accuracy, surpassing timelines of sister cities; educate those seeking approval on available options and find a reason to say yes; improve customer service to a level nearing 100 percent satisfaction by those seeking services within a six-month period; and to streamline all service requests from staff work to introduction and approval by board to final approval to City Council.