New Movie to be Filmed in San Angelo

The film world is getting up close and personal with the town of San Angelo, Texas when the new action-adventure/thriller Sub Rosa is set to be filmed here in Fall 2017.

Sub Rosa is to be set in Mexico during an intense time of narco-terrorism while American medical students, a Mexican agent and Confidential Informant must survive life-threatening circumstances while holding steady to their own and each other’s principles.

Writer/Producer/Director Charles Landers and Co-Producer Colin Feldhaus have both lived in San Angelo since attending Angelo State University.

According to Landers, he has kept a house here in San Angelo and married a local woman, they also raised their family here which has provided local connections and an idea of what San Angelo has to offer in the ways of talent, community and a pro-business local government. Feldhaus emphasizes that location is a crucial element when filming.

Both producers hope to use this film as a first in a line of many to continue to use San Angelo as a “film-friendly” production location.

The movie will feature several West Texas treasures such as Lake Nasworthy, Twin Buttes hills, Civic League park and a residence in the Santa Rita area.

Main characters in the film will include Thomas Lennon, an actor, writer and producer, who is known for his roles in projects such as Reno911!, 17 Again, the Odd Couple(CBS), among many others and will star in Clint Eastwood’s The 15:17 to Paris next.

Actor Thomas Lennon

Sub Rosa will also feature Tony-nominee Sam Trammell, who is known for his part in True Blood (HBO), This Is Us and The Fault In Our Stars, among many other roles.

Actor Sam Trammell

Locals of San Angelo will also have the opportunity to audition for roles within the movie and production is still looking for businesses and residents looking to be apart of the film by offering locations or promoting brands within the film. If you would like to get involved, you can get in touch with production at or