New Bar to Open in San Angelo

A new bar has moved to San Angelo, but the business is off to a rocky start with the city.

LISM (short for “less is more”) moved to town in September of 2017 but was only hosting private events at Vanderventer Ave.

Now it’s scheduled to open on March 2 as a full club/bar to host comedy nights, live music a danceĀ  hall and various music genres

However, LISM has received opposition from the nearby Tuscany Apartments.

Tuscany is worried that the bar’s location will set that area up for increased traffic, police presence and drunk driving accidents. They also told the city that the loud noise could disrupt the peace for their tenants.

Tuscany Apartments requested that the bar be required to shut down at midnight, but no other bars in town shut down at this time.

When the city council voted, the city attorney informed everyone that one bar could not be required to shut down at an earlier time unless the city was going to require every bar to shut down at midnight also.

The owner Aaron Adams, is a former ASU student and graduated from the College of Business.