Nevada, Massachusetts, California vote to legalize recreational marijuana use

Voters in at least three states cast ballots in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Nevada, Massachusetts and California voters made the drug legal for use in their states. Additionally, Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota voters made the use of medical marijuana legal.

Arizona rejected it the legalization of pot and Wednesday morning, Maine was still too close to call.

The Washington Post reported late Tuesday that a recent nationwide Gallup poll showed a record 60 percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.

The consumption of recreational marijuana in these states would continue to be limited to people 21 or older and not allowed in most public spaces. Marijuana would be highly regulated and heavily taxed and some states would allow people to grow their own crop.

According to CBS News, law enforcement groups and anti-drug crusaders asked voters to reject any changes, saying that legalization would put children in danger and open the door to creation of another huge industry that, like big tobacco, would be devoted to selling Americans an unhealthy drug.