Nevada judge denies Trump campaign’s lawsuit on Clark County early voting

A Nevada judge has denied a lawsuit filed by Donald Trump’s campaign regarding early voting locations in Clark County. The Trump campaign had asked Judge Gloria Sturman to intervene to ensure that ballots and voting machines involved in early voting not be mixed with ballots and voting machines that were not involved in what they allege as illegal voting. 

Lawyers from the Republican candidate’s campaign also asked for the names of pollsters and data from machines that were at Cardenas Market, Deer Springs Town Center, Silverado Ranch Plaza and the Las Vegas Strip.

The campaign alleges the Clark County registrar intentionally coordinated with Democratic activists “in order to skew the vote unlawfully in favor of Democratic candidates.” It also alleged that the registrar told the head of the polling station to keep the location open two hours after its original closing time.

The suit said the head of that location allegedly told a poll watcher that he believed the station was being kept open to “help Hillary Clinton.”

Sturman said the lawsuit raises privacy concerns for the poll workers whose identities the campaign was requesting, fearing  they could be harassed.