Near-collision between car and motorcycle sends one to the hospital

Monday at approximately 9:15 a.m., the San Angelo Police Department responded to a near-collision between a car and a motorcycle at the intersection of Arden and Glenna roads near the Allsups Convenience Store.

SAPD Officer Ed Hunger said a woman in a black Ford Fiesta was traveling eastbound and the motorcycle driven by a male was headed westbound on Arden Road.

The driver of the Ford Fiesta started to make a left turn into the Allsups parking lot when she noticed the motorcycle coming her direction. Hunger said. She swerved back into her lane and the man on the motorcycle then hit his brakes.

The vehicles never made contact with one another, but paramedics believe the man on the motorcycle who was transported to the hospital possibly suffered a broken arm.

The motorcycle appeared to have minimal damage at the scene.

The driver of the Ford Fiesta was cited for failure to yield right-of-way turning left.