Multiple explosions strike in Brussels, ISIS claims responsibility

UPDATE: Media reports have been updated that the death toll in Brussels is at 34 – 14 reported at the airport, 20 at the metro station.

Multiple injuries were reported at both locations. Police in Belgium are telling the media they believe this is an act of terrorism.

The main railway stations and metro stations in Brussels have been closed, according to sources.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.


ORIGINAL STORY: Multiple news sources are reporting explosions in Brussels, Belgium. Two bombs have struck the Brussels airport and at least one at the city’s metro station early Tuesday.

Belgian officials say there is no accurate count yet as to how many have been killed or wounded by the blasts, but they believe at least 15 were killed and 55 wounded at the metro station and at least 13 dead and approximately 35 injured at the airport.

Reports say that at least one of the bombings at the airport was a suicide attack. All metro stations have been closed and air travel has been suspended.

The attacks come four days after the capture of Salah Abdesalam, the main remaining suspect in the Nov. 13 attacks, at a hideout in the Belgian capital.