Moreno receives minimum sentence for aggravated sexual assault

On Wednesday, March 21, the district attorney’s office released a press release stating that Michael Anthony Moreno has received the minimum punishment of 5 years in the penitentiary for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a 13-year old girl.

Moreno originally faced the possibility of 5-99 years in prison.

In the course of the indictment, the defendant pled not guilty to two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault. The jury only found him guilty on one count.

The victim, who was thirteen at the time of the incident, told her friends that Moreno sexually assaulted her.

Her friends then in turn told the school counselor.

As the situation was investigated, the victim came forward to multiple people to say that Moreno held her down and forced her to have relations with him in multiple ways.

A DNA test later confirmed her story.

Due to the age of the victim, her identity will remain private.