Missing 12-year old girls found safe in San Antonio

One of the 12 year old girl’s father posted on social media about the missing girls Monday afternoon. Shane Arnold wrote that Carlee Arnold and Julia Gonzalez were last seen after school Monday around lunch. They are both seventh grade students at Lopez Middle School. 

Both girls were found Tuesday unharmed.

Shane Arnold, Carlee Arnold’s father, went to social media again to thank everyone that helped look for the girls.

Arnold wrote: I would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you to my Facebook family. I was constantly amazed by the efforts you all selflessly gave without thinking twice about it. Some of you were patrolling the roads until after 2:00 am. Please know that even if you were not close, you provided my family and I with a support and strength that I can never repay and will forever be grateful for.

He stated that Carlee is home and other than being cold and hungry she suffered no harm. It’s unclear why the girls went missing but Arnold’s post goes on to say that this situation was one of many that we see where teenage brains simply do not engage to consider that consequences of their actions.