Midnight Rodeo returns to San Angelo

According to a post Friday on the Midnight Rodeo San Angelo Facebook page, the popular music venue and bar will reopen its doors Feb. 4.The reopening will kick off with a Kevin Fowler concert and drink specials, but no other details have been released.

Midnight Rodeo closed in May 2016 and affected the employment of at least 15 employees, who did not receive much advance notice about what was thought to be a permanent closure, according to former manager John Wayne. The was no definitive reason given for the closure.

Speculation for a reopen of the location began in November 2016 after a post on the Whiskey Myers website announced a tour date set at Midnight Rodeo San Angelo for April 27.

San Angelo NOW asked for further comment from marketing director Mark Easterling via email for more information regarding the reopening of Midnight Rodeo, but have not received a reply.