Midland restaurant draws controversy over ban on face and neck tattoos on patrons

A new restaurant in Midland is drawing attention on social media because of its no face or neck tattoos policy for patrons.

Little Woodrow’s came into the spotlight after a would-be customer, Joeseff Rivera, posted a video Nov. 8 to his Facebook wall saying he was refused entry into the establishment because of a tattoo on his face.

CBS7 News reports the policy is posted at the door and bouncers are checking how customers are dressed.

Regarding the tattoo policy, the restaurant’s attorney, Philip Brinson told the station, “We don’t like to refuse service to anyone but if somebody comes in and is not dressed appropriately we will ask them to either change it up a little bit or in this case with tattoos cover it up.”

Additionally, he said to his knowledge, only two people have been turned away at the door – one man with a neck tattoo, which he then covered and was eventually allowed into the restaurant and the other, the man, Rivera, who took to Facebook to voice his concerns.

Opinions on the CBS7 News Facebook page about the policy vary. Some say they will support the restaurant, while others say regardless of whether they have face or neck tattoos, they will not support a business they feel is discriminatory.