Marijuana plants worth millions seized in Menard County after spotted by TPWD wardens

Authorities in Menard County have seized approximately 40,000 marijuana plants estimated to be worth at least $13 million.

On Friday, June 29, the Menard County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Game Wardens served an evidentiary search warrant on a ranch in eastern Menard County that was conducting an alleged illegal large-scale marijuana growing operation.

According to a press release from the Texas Park and Wildlife Department, game wardens initially spotted the marijuana while conducting an aerial patrol of the county.

As of Friday, the case is still under investigation by the Menard County Sheriff’s Office, Texas game wardens and Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division. Approximately 40,000 marijuana plants worth millions of dollars have been seized, as well as other evidence pertaining to the case, according to the release.

The site included substantial infrastructure including camps and irrigation, according to the release.


Game wardens help investigate large-scale illegal marijuana grows in rural areas because they often involve wildlife poaching, criminal trespass and environmental crimes, including the potential for water pollution related to runoff associated with rodenticides, insecticides, fuel and chemical fertilizers. Texas game wardens have recently documented marijuana grow sites where large old-growth timber has been cut on public lands.

“Our game wardens have encountered armed subjects protecting grow sites, located discarded firearms within the sites, and have been contacted by hunters and landowners who have unknowingly come across these sites,” said Col. Craig Hunter, TPWD Law Enforcement Division Director. “These large grow sites introduce a significant criminal element into the rural areas of our state. We will continue to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement whether we come across grow sites incidental to our normal patrols or are called to assist.”

Agencies who assisted with the investigation include the DPS’s Criminal Investigations Division, DPS Highway Patrol, DPS Aviation, the McCulloch County Sheriff’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security Investigations/ICE, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas National Guard.