Manchester, Conn., first responders’ holiday prayer video goes viral, more than 1.8 million views

A video released by Silent Partner Marketing featuring members of the Manchester Police Department, Manchester Fire Dept. 8th Dist. and the Manchester Fire Rescue EMS Engine Company #5, has received more than 1.8 million views since early December.

In the video, first responders say, “Your family is my family…..your life is my duty…..your safety is my priority.”

Manchester Police Chief Marc Montminy said in a television interview that they wanted to get positive messages about first responders out to counter the negative attention.

Silent Partner Marketing CEO Kyle Reyes, a resident of Manchester, said in a Facebook post, “This holiday season, while we are all spending time with our loved ones, these are the men and women keeping us safe.
Today, I am honored to release this video in honor of the police, firefighters and EMS who put their lives on the line for us. I’m hoping each and every one of you who watches this video will tag a first responder (or 10) and share this video far and wide as a show of solidarity and support for them.

The Manchester video, released Dec. 6, is part of a $250,000 donation of services to first responders and veterans, Reyes said.