Man takes plea in connection to a stabbing at a local bar

Bobby Joe Lozano was in court this week to enter a guilty plea in exchange for 10 years of confinement for a stabbing that occurred in June 2015. 

According to court documents, the victim, John Chavez, was leaving a local bar on South Bryant Boulevard when Lozano began stabbing him inside a vehicle. Chavez was trying to get Lozano to leave the bar to prevent getting into an altercation with another patron. Once inside the vehicle Lozano pulled out his pocket knife and began stabbing his cousin. Chavez was able to jump out of the vehicle and returned to the bar to seek medical attention.

Chavez was stabbed on the right side of his chest, right shoulder, left arm and left hand. He suffered a collapsed right lung and had a total of 10 stab wounds. He later made a full recovery.

Lozano admitted to the stabbing and was in possession of the knife when police located him at his residence.

Chavez is currently in confinement out of state. Lozano plead guilty to the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and will spend 10 years behind bars.