Man makes deal to serve 6 months in jail for felony charge

Ricky Dale Zimmerlee, 42, will serve 180 days behind bars in exchange for pleading guilty to an aggravated assault, family member with a weapon charge. 

On Dec. 5, 2015, an officer responded to a residence at 161 Stoneham St., in response to a criminal trespass complaint. The responding officer observed a vehicle leaving the residence. He pulled the vehicle over; inside was the victim who told police Zimmerlee invited her to the residence, then they began to argue. She went to gather her belongings from the bathroom.

She tried to leave but Zimmerlee grabbed her hair and she fell to the ground. According to court documents, the victim said Zimmerlee then hit her face, she used her hands to cover her face and he twisted her thumb back. He then held a pocket-type knife to her rib and threatened her.

He then backed away from her and called the police. She grabbed the knife from the counter as she left.

Zimmerlee had a different account of what happened. He told police the victim was at his residence when he returned from work and did not call police because the victim was violating a criminal trespass warning he had issued in the past.

He said the two did get into an argument but the victim displayed the knife and he took it away from her.

In court Monday, he pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault, family member charge, in exchange for a sentence of 180 days in jail with no probation.