Man Injured in Local Shooting

A 32-year old man was air flighted to San Antonio on Thursday morning after being shot in the leg by an acquaintance at his residence near North Street.

Officers were dispatched to the residence at around 2 in the morning where they discovered the victim bleeding in the doorway.

They applied a tourniquet until an ambulance arrived to take over his medical care.

Officers then discovered 22 year old Joshua Henry in the bedroom of the residence with the gun used to shoot the victim.

Detectives with the Department’s Criminal Investigations Division responded to the scene along with Crime Scene Investigations.

According to the initial investigation, the victim was previously staying with Henry. When the victim came to retrieve his belongings, Henry told him to leave right before he shot the victim in the leg.

Henry was charged with Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon and transported to the Tom Green County Jail.