Man Gets 8 Years for Harassing Police Officers

Provided by Tom Green County Inmate Roster

Isaac Lee Wells, 37, faced a jury trial on Wednesday, February 21 and lost.

It took a jury only two and a half hours to deliberate and find the defendant guilty on two counts of Harassment of Public Servants.

This trial is the result of Wells harassing two police officers in a case last year.

On March 9, 2017, police came to Wells’ home after reports of a domestic disturbance.

Wells fled the scene but returned later. Upon his return, the defendant’s mother called police once more because Wells was threatening suicide.

The police returned once more to the residence and attempted to take Wells into custody for warrants.

Wells attacked one of the arresting officers in an attempt to resist arrest, the officer struck him, causing a bloody nose.

The perpetrator then proceeded to harass the officers.

He first threw some of his blood onto one of the officers and later, when being carried out of the house, spit more blood at two of the officers and wiped blood onto one of the officer’s pant leg.

Wells has found himself in trouble with the law many times before, this is not his first offense.

Judge Jay Weatherby punished Wells with eight years at the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Isaac Wells’ criminal record includes 35 counts of criminal activity, including but not limited to, drug possession, assault, theft, forgery and resisting/evading arrest.