Man gets 10 years for causing multiple fractured bones on his 7-month old daughter

Daniel Enriquez, 19, pleaded guilty to injury of a child in exchange for a jail sentence of 10 years after multiple fractured bones were found on his 7-month-old daughter.  

On May 7, 2015, Enriquez was alone with his daughter in a room of a house at 61 E. 41st St., when the child lost consciousness. Police were dispatched to the location and the the infant was rushed to Shannon Medical Center where a scan revealed she had a severe head injury.

In an interview with police, Enriquez told investigators he dropped a bottle of juice on her head and a short time later he noticed she was not acting right. He checked the baby’s head for injuries with his hand and claimed he may have applied too much pressure and caused the injury.

The child was transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where a complete body scan revealed two skull fractures, a fractured humerus and fractured femur.

Injury of a child, intentional serious bodily injury is a first degree felony punishable by five-99 years confinement and a fine of up to $10,000.