Man in court for aggravated assault on a public servant

A man accused of aggravated assault on a public servant was in court this week for his pre-trial hearing. Jeremy Richard Zapata is accused of hitting a police officer with his vehicle in March 2015. 

According to court documents, a San Angelo Police Department officer responded to a call for an unknown problem in the 200 block of Westwood Drive. When he arrived he noticed several people standing around a vehicle parked in the middle of the road.

The officer got out of his marked card and began to approach the vehicle. Zapata and a female passenger got into the vehicle. The officer stood in front of the car, placed his hand on the hood and told Zapata to stop but he continued to drive toward the officer with increasing speed. The officer tried to get out of the way but was unable to escape the path of the vehicle.

The officer’s foot was run over in the incident. He also lost consciousness when he fell to the ground trying to get to safety.

Zapata fled the scene. He later told police that he knew that was an officer when he sped towards him. Zapata said he fled the scene because he knew he was going to be in trouble.

Aggravated assault on a public servant is a first degree felony charge.