Man assaulted in a robbery on a local ranch

Tom Green County Sheriff's DepartmentTom Green County Sheriff's Department

Tom Green County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to a robbery call on Susan Peak Road. When they arrived the victim was shaken, dirty and sore after being thrown to the ground by the suspects. 

The victim told officers that when he was leaving the ranch gate, a 1990’s model pickup truck was parked outside of the gate. A female got out of the vehicle and sat on the tailgate. The male approached the victim and asked him if they could stay parked in the spot outside of the gate to look at the stars.

The victim told the pair they didn’t have to move. The victim locked the gate with a combination lock before he left. When he returned after a short period of time the truck was gone and so was the lock.

When the victim left the truck to inspect the gate someone jumped on top of him from behind forcing him to the ground. The victim told police there were two people. While on the ground he could see a dark figure under some trees that told the person holding him down to check the victim’s pockets.

The victim attempted to escape but was unsuccessful. The pair got away with his wallet and left the victim visibly shaken. Another person on the property told officers they have had several incidents of people parking at the gate and having to tell them to leave.

It’s unclear at this time if there was any type of weapon.