Lyft investigating reports of employees spying on customers

By Ray Downs – UPI

Lyft confirmed Thursday that it is investigating an allegation that some of its employees used the company’s technology to spy on former romantic partners and celebrities.

The Information first reported that a person who claims to be a former employee used Blind, an app Lyft employees use to speak openly and anonymously about the workplace, to say they have “seen people look their exes up” and “stalk attractive people they’ve met.”

The Blind user said they’ve also seen Lyft employees look up Hollywood actors, porn stars and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“I’m sorry, this has bothered me way too long and it’s gone unchanged for too long for me to not say anything,” the person wrote. “The abuse I’ve seen needs to be curbed and access restricted.”

A Lyft spokeswoman confirmed that an investigation is underway.

“Maintaining the trust of passengers and drivers is fundamental to Lyft. The specific allegations in this post would be a violation of Lyft’s policies and a cause for termination,” the spokesperson said.

TechCrunch spoke to a former Lyft employee who said that it’s common for employees to use the Lyft database to look up information on people.

“Hell yes. I definitely looked at my friends’ rider history and looked at what drivers said about them. I never got in trouble,” the former employee said.

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