Longview man arrested for drug possession after calling police on neighbor

A Longview man was arrested when police found a drug stash in his home after he called to complain about a neighbor.

Officers from the Longview Police Department arrived at the man’s home after receiving a 911 call about a resident, but were unable to make contact with the caller and discovered his back door was open.

 “Officers went inside to check the welfare of anyone inside the home,” police said. “When officers entered the living room of the house they located a large amount of marijuana spread out on a makeshift table.”
Police found about 2.3 pounds of marijuana sealed in plastic bags and pickle jars throughout the house and contacted the Gregg County Organized Drug Enforcement Unit, according to a post on the Longview Police Department’s Facebook page.

While waiting for the unit to arrive, the homeowner, 62-year-old Randy Linwood, arrived and told police he had called to report a problem he was having with his neighbor.

Police charged Linwood with possession of marijuana greater than four ounces and less then or equal to five pounds and was taken to Gregg County Jail without incident.