Local Warrant Scam Alert

Residents of San Angelo and the surrounding area are cautioned to be aware of a telephone phishing scam to collect money from fake warrants.

The San Angelo Police Department has received reports from citizens who have been contacted by individuals via telephone who are portraying themselves as representatives of the San Angelo Police Department and Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office.

In this scam, the caller attempts to deceive the victim by advising them of an outstanding fine or warrant and that they must pay the fine immediately to avoid going to jail. The scammer will then provide a fraudulent solution, such as purchasing a pre-paid credit card in the amount of the fictitious fine. Prepaid cards are just like paying in cash — once the money is gone, you can’t get it back.

The San Angelo Police Department never contacts individuals over the telephone to demand payment for outstanding fines or warrants, in fact, we do not collect fines. As for warrants, we prefer face-to-face contact, followed by a short drive to the Tom Green County Jail.

As a reminder, never give personal identifying information – including banking information – over the phone or to strangers.

If contacted, simply hang up and block the call if your device allows. If you have fallen victim to this crime, contact your local law enforcement agency to file a report and report the imposter to the Federal Trade Commision at ftc.gov/complaint. Select the category “Scams and Rip-offs” then “Impostor Scams”.