Local San Angelo Star, Chet Johnson, Performing LIVE at The Whiskey River!

Local San Angelo Star Chet Johnson, will be performing LIVE for his hometown, at the all new Whiskey River Saloon & Chuck Wagon, Saturday, July 1!

Born Nov. 16, 1979, in San Angelo, TX, Chet comes from a long line of musical talent, which includes his cousin, country musical legend Waylon Jennings. Chet has always loved music. At the age of 12, he asked his dad, Randy, to buy him a guitar for his birthday. Dad having some doubts about whether his son would ever play it or not, went and bought him a $50 guitar and a Garth Brooks songbook. He told Chet, “if you learn how to play this one, son, next year, I will buy you a good one”. Chet sat in his room for hours practicing and was completely self-taught. By the time his next birthday rolled around, he could play and sing every Garth Brooks song that was in his book. So, dad honored his promise of obtaining a better guitar and things began to grow from there. Chet continued to play and sing for his family and friends, until finally at the age of 15, he caught a break with a local musician who let him get on stage one night and sing at a local nightclub.

Seeing how Chet took to performing on stage and how the crowds responded to him, his dad decided to recruit some local musicians to help Chet get his career started. The”Whiskey Creek Country Dance Band” was formed, and with the mentoring provided by such musicians as Charles Walton, Brett Roberts, David Skains, John Boon, and Matt Kissko, just to name a few, Chet began to grow as an entertainer. Chet continued with Whiskey Creek for the next 5 years, but after falling on some troubling times he quit performing publicly for several years.

Though no longer performing on stage, Chet continued to practice on his guitar and write music. In December 2015, he decided to return to the stage again and formed “The Chet Johnson Band”. He has released his debut single “Hurts So Bad” and is working on recording a complete album, which is scheduled for release late January 2017. The songs to be recorded are all inspired by true life experiences that he has personally gone through.

Chet Johnson has a passion for singing and performing for the public that is like no other. You can tell it in every song that he does. He has a distinctive, strong voice and pours his heart and soul into every performance. If you haven’t experienced one of his shows, we suggest that you do. You won’t regret it!