Local Officer Accepted into FBI Academy

Lieutenant Ed Kading has recently been accepted into the FBI Academy, which is a rare honor since their acceptance rate is one percent.

Kading has served as an officer with SAPD for many years, he currently leads the Street Crimes Division and says that this has been his favorite department so far.

He has also served in patrol, criminal investigations, narcotics and internal affairs. He was even over the training academy for a time.

Kading got into law enforcement after a DPS Trooper who was a friend of the family invested in him after his father passed when Kading was only 16. Kading remembers admiring the respect this trooper had earned within the community which impacted his decision to join law enforcement.

The FBI academy is located in Quantico, Virginia and Kading will graduate December 15.

Kading will be required to participate in the 11 week program while living on the Marine Corps base at Quantico and taking 17 hours of graduate level college courses such as law enforcement executive training.

Lieutenant Kading says that after graduation, he will be returning to San Angelo where he has friends and family.