Local non-profit gives stray dogs a new start in the Pacific Northwest

Project Freedom Ride, a non-profit organization founded by Jennifer McConn, works to save “unwanted” Texas dogs—predominately from euthanasia lists—by transporting them to “safe havens” in Washington.

The dogs are pulled from kill shelters by Project Freedom Ride’s Texas Partner Rescues, and go through a two-week vetting process in order to make sure they’re healthy enough to make the journey from Texas to the Evergreen State. In trailers and vans paid for by donations, the dogs arrive several days later to various animal rescues and no-kill societies in Washington, where they are vetted once again, spayed or neutered if need be, given behavioral and medical assessments, and set up for adoption.

On Sunday, the organization will be sending 65 dogs—its largest group yet—to find new forever families and ideally run among the redwoods and wild ferns of the Pacific Northwest.

So, why Washington?

“Most of the northern states help the southern states,” McConn said. “The difference is amazing. The overpopulation is different and the adoption market isn’t saturated yet. A lot of this is because the shelters up there have been spaying and neutering for years. In Texas, that’s still a very new thing.”

To learn more (and see dozens of happy, adorable dogs, with-and-without new families), visit their Facebook page, or to donate, visit their PayPal page.