Laredo Border Patrol agents confiscate more than $1 million of cocaine

Laredo Border Patrol agents seized more than $1 million in cocaine from smugglers Aug. 22, according to a press release from U.S Customs and Border Protection.

Agents from the Laredo Sector Border Patrol stopped the smugglers at the Interstate Highway 35 checkpoint.

The agents assigned to the Border Patrol checkpoint stopped a Ford Focus in the primary inspection lane. They questioned the driver about his immigration status when a service canine alerted to possible narcotics or humans concealed within the vehicle. The driver was referred by agents for a secondary inspection of the Focus.

While at the secondary inspection, Border Patrol agents searched the Focus and found PVC cylinders in the gas tank area. When they removed the cylinders, agents noticed packages with a substance that tested positive for cocaine. A total of 10 PVC cylinders were removed with a total weight of 33.63 lbs. and a street value of $1,076,160.

The driver and narcotics were turned over to Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Border Patrol checkpoints are a critical enforcement tool. Our Border Patrol agents remain vigilant against all threats, including concealment of illegal drugs,” said Chief Patrol Agent Mario Martinez.