AP: Killeen teen suspended, assisted girl having asthma attack

KILLEEN, Texas (AP) — A 15-year-old Texas boy has served a day’s suspension for carrying a friend having an asthma attack to the school nurse.

The eighth-grader at Gateway Middle School in Killeen was reprimanded because a teacher told him not to leave class.

KCEN-TV reports the girl had trouble breathing Tuesday and fell to the floor. The teacher contacted the nurse and awaited an email response.

A statement from the teacher says the boy said an expletive about not waiting for email and carried his friend to the nurse. KWTX-TV reports the boy said he feared the girl would die. She later texted saying she’s OK.

The Killeen Independent School District on Wednesday declined comment on the incident but applauded students “who act in good faith to assist others in time of need.”

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