Kia versus Freightliner sends one driver to Community

One woman was transported to Community Medical Center for non-incapacitating injuries after a two-vehicle collision on Abe Street near the Twohig Avenue intersection. Officer Brian Bylsma a 2007 Freightliner truck hauling hazardous material was involved a crash with a 2007 Kia Spectra.

“Indications right now are that the truck was southbound on Abe Street in the second lane from the left and the Kia Spectra was southbound on Abe Street, in the third lane from the left,” Bylsma said. “All indications right now are that she attempted to make a left hand turn or a lane change in front of the truck.”

The truck tried to pull off to the left a little, Bylsma said, and hit its brakes but still ended up colliding with the car and pushing it into the curb.

The driver of the truck was not injured in the collision. The extent of the female driver of the Spectra’s injuries were not known. There were no passengers in either vehicle.

The investigation is pending, unsafe lane change or turning from the wrong lane citations are possible.

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