Incumbents did not fare well, by the numbers

A man casting his vote inside a voting booth

The two incumbents in the May 7 election were outpaced by their challengers, according to data from the Tom Green County Elections Office.


By the numbers, incumbents Tim Vasquez and Elizabeth Grindstaff did not fare as well as is expected by current office holders.

In the police chief race, while Vasquez received 31.34 percent of the total votes, a majority of San Angelo voters cast ballots against the current chief. According to the data from the elections office, 68.66 percent total voted for Vasquez’s opponents. A total of 25.17 percent of voters cast a ballot for Mike Hernandez, 33.64 percent for Frank Carter and 9.85 percent for Jeff Davis with 30 of 30 precincts reporting, including early voting totals.

In the race for the Single Member District 5 seat on City Council, a much smaller majority cast ballots against incumbent Elizabeth Grindstaff, totaling 54.83 percent. According to the same report, challenger Lane Carter had 45.39 percent of the vote compared to Grindstaff’s 45.17. Opponents R.A. Cantrell and Martin Guinn carried 8.18 percent and 1.26 percent of the vote, respectively.

To win the runoff election, scheduled for July 2, a candidate must garner at least 50 percent of the vote.