Houston teacher turns herself into police, confesses to sexual relationship with 13 year-old student

On Wednesday, Alexandria Vera a 24-year old English teacher at Stovall Middle School, turned herself into Montgomery County Police and has been charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. 




According to multiple sources, after being charged, Vera has been released from the Montgomery County Jail after posting a $100,000 bond.

The Houston Chronicle obtained court documents that said Vera claimed the relationship with the 13-year old boy began in September 2015 and they were in love.

Vera told the Aldine Independent School District police she met with the young boy at summer school in 2015.  It began with the boy asking for her Instagram name and she refused, but he later found her and she rejected the request. After school began in the fall, many flirtatious and inappropriate comments were made by the boy. He eventually asked Vera if they could hang out and she agreed.

In October the boy’s parents and Vera met at the school’s open house. Later she went to the boy’s house where she was introduced as his girlfriend. The parents of the boy were accepting of the relationship between the teacher and student.

Documents state sexual encounters continued almost on daily basis. Vera told police the student would spend the night at her house and she’d drive him home in the morning so he could catch the bus.

According to the documents, in January, Vera became pregnant and the boy’s family was excited and supportive about the baby.

Child Protective Services showed up at the school in February to question Vera about the relationship about the boy. Vera denied the pregnancy and relationship to CPS and had an abortion after CPS spoke to her about the incident.

Vera provided her phone to the officials, where a forensic analysis was conducted and messages between the two were consistent with what Vera stated to the police that occurred.

The Chronicle provided a statement from Aldine ISD, that after the allegations were made, Vera was placed on administrative leave.

The Aldine ISD Police investigated the incident and turned their findings over to Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Aldine ISD made sure to state, the safety and security of Aldine ISD’s students and staff remains a priority of the school district.

In 2014, Stovall Middle School made the news after one of their teachers was accused of giving a student a lap dance on his birthday. That teacher was given probation.