Homecoming king passes crown to friend with cerebral palsy

Quarterback at Dallas’ Keller Fossil Ridge High School was crowned homecoming king Friday, but he passed down the award to someone he said is more deserving.

According to WFAA, during the halftime show he turned to his friend and team manager K.L. Norwood, knelt on one knee and presented him the crown. Norwood, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was also a homecoming king nominee.

“I didn’t know when I would have the right time to do it,” Akin said. “But I saw K.L., came over and gave him a hug and I knew that he wanted that crown more than anything.”

Atkin said what he¬†did wasn’t as admirable as how K.L. treats everyone with a loving heart.

“It was absolutely terrific,” Norwood said.

Fossil Ridge went on to win 40-12.