Home burglary in Christoval

Police arrest a woman responsible for stealing almost $30,000 from a family friends home in Christoval, while the family was away for the weekend.

Police arrested 31- year old, Shelly Bradford on a burglary of a habitation and theft charges Wednesday afternoon. The charges stem from an incident in Jan. 2016.

A police report states, Bradford went into her friend’s parents home and stole $28,000 while her friend and mother were away for the weekend. A detective contacted the victim and friend, Lacy Mire, when she returned home asking her if anything was missing from her residence. That’s when Mire’s mother checked her safe and realized the money was gone.

Bradford contacted Mire a few days later and admitted to stealing the money. The conversation didn’t stop there. Bradford told Mire that if she didn’t meet with her to return the money and go their separate ways she would tell the detective the burglary was Mire’s idea.

The homeowners believe Bradford entered the home through an unlocked kitchen window. Bradford said, she knew the code to the safe by looking over someone’s shoulder as they were typing it in.

Burglaries are a common occurrence and police say these tips can keep your home safe:

  • Never share keyless entry codes with others.
  • Keep your home secured-lock all windows and doors. Replace short screws with longer screws on all locking mechanisms.
  • If you go out of town, don’t advertise that to burglars. Wait until your back from vacation to post pictures to social media.
  • Keep shrubberies trimmed. Don’t give thieves a place to hide.
  • Install a home security system.
  • Create a free citizen property inventory system with reportit.leadsonline.com.