Local store will dig to find historic tunnel

Jessie Rose Mercantile, 29 E. Concho Ave., allowed customers to see the entrance to the rumored underground tunnels from the 1880s Jan. 30.

Jessie Rose Mercantile conducted tours Saturday where visitors were allowed to walk downstairs to the tunnel entrance. Upstairs they had interesting displays and pieces from the original Texas Theatre.

The restored historic building and original Buggy Factory, has been believed to have underground tunnels leading from the Carousel House across the street to Miss Hattie’s, which used to be a bank, and branching off to the old Bordello.


Jessie Rose Mercantile


Miss Hattie’s

People walking into the tunnel entrance

People walking down to the tunnel entrance

Tunnel entrance


The store’s owner, Barbara Strain, said that they are planning to dig, put a camera down the tunnels and eventually open them back up. They are also planning on opening up a saloon that serves sarsaparilla soda. The goal is to replicate how it looked like in the 1800’s.

Barbara strain

Barbara Strain talking about the history of the building

The following message was posted on their Facebook page after all the tours were completed: “I am amazed and so grateful. The response was so much more than we ever dreamed it would be. We literally had 1000’s of people come to the tours today. I want to thank everyone that came and supported us in this venture! I am so excited!! We will see what happens, and we will keep you posted on the progress! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”