Historic game to be played Fort Bragg between Marlins and Braves

Sunday’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins will be held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, during the Fourth of July weekend.¬†

ft bragg field

According to multiple sources, the game is the first time a regular season game in a professional sport will take place on an active military base.

Hours before the game begins, both teams will spend portions of Sunday interacting with the troops and getting a firsthand view on what they do on a daily basis around Fort Bragg. Following the game, the ballpark will be converted into a multipurpose recreational facility for those on base.

The salute-the-troops game caps a four-month project that has created the ballpark from a weed-infested golf course and can seat 12,500.

The game is scheduled to be broadcast at 8 p.m. Eastern time.