Hillary Clinton wins popular vote by millions

Votes from the 2016 presidential election were certified Thursday, and show that Hillary Clinton surpassed President-elect Donald Trump in the national popular vote by nearly 2.9 million votes.

As reported by ABC News,  Clinton earned 65,844,610 votes across all 50 states and Washington D.C., which is 48.2 percent of all votes cast. Trump on the other hand received 62,979,636 votes, which is 46.1 percent of all votes cast.

Clinton had 2,864,974 more votes than Trump in the largest popular vote margin of any losing presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Trump won the presidency with 304 Electoral College votes.  270 were needed to will the election.

Clinton fell with only 227 electoral votes.

Clinton is the fifth presidential candidate in history to win the popular vote and lose the Electoral College.