Heritage Park Coming Downtown Summer 2018

A press release announced on October 25 that the downtown Heritage Park will open in Summer 2018 at 204 S Oaks.

Heritage Park, referred to as a “pocket park” is designed to invite tourists and the community to learn more about the culture and history of West Texas through education, architecture and landscape.

Heritage Park will include a bronze statue of a rancher & his horse and an “old fashion” rainwater catchment system.

A key architectural piece included in the park’s design will be three metal leafs that will provide shade and be a visual centerpiece of the park.

It will also have a state of the art video and QR presentations of education on West Texas heritage and history.

The education presented at the park will be designed by SAISD educators and partnered with ASU’s West Texas Collection/Library staff to provide accurate and updated material as it becomes needed.

Community members can support this project through donations to the San Angelo Area Foundation by purchasing an engraved brick to be included in the development of the park’s entrance.

This project is funded by the San Angelo Area Foundation.