Gunman shoots at concert crowd, kills two and himself

Photo: Dietmar Mathis, Afp

A man argued with a 27-year-old woman before he walked to his car, grabbed a gun and opened fire at a concert in the early hours Sunday in Nenzing, Austria.

According to multiple sources at least 11 people were injured and two people were killed in what appeared to be a random attack sparked by the argument he had with the woman ahead of the shooting.

The two men who died were 33 and 48 years old.

After he opened fire at the crowd of about 150 people, the man returned to the car and killed himself, according to Austrian police.

According to the sources, Nenzing Mayor, Florian Kasseroler said frightened concert-goers and survivors of what appeared to be a random attack “fled into the forest in panic” when the shooting started. Many of them believed it to be fireworks at first.

He also said the town had arranged the event for 10 years without any troubles.

The police are investigating the incident.