Giz and Hums kidnapper indicted on two felony charges

A man was indicted on aggravated kidnapping and aggravated use of a deadly weapon charges for an incident that began at Giz and Hums Billiards and Brew, 1425 W. Beauregard Ave., when he held a man a knifepoint and forced him into his car. The charges stem from an incident on March 26 when Jeremy Herrera, 34; the victim, Damon Sinnott; Richard Bailey; Anthony Clifton; and Justin Palacio met at Giz and Hums.

Sinnott and Herrera rode together in Herrera’s car to the bar from Desert Shadow Apartments. Once all the men were inside the bar, Sinnott was asked to leave the bar because his identification was not valid.

When the men stepped outside, Herrera confronted Sinnott and accused him of stealing money from inside his car when they rode together to the bar. Court papers state that after the accusation was made, Sinnott denied stealing the money.

Herrera then pulled out a knife and threatened to assault Sinnott with the knife if he didn’t give the money back. Herrera told Sinnott to get into his car and they were going to the lake to take care of the issue.

Clifton, a witness, told police he attempted to get Sinnott into his car and told Herrera that Sinnott did not want to ride with him. Herrera then produced a second knife. The victim told police he felt he had to do what Herrera asked him to do or he would be assaulted.

Another witness in the incident, Bailey, rode to the lake with the two. Once at Lake Nasworthy, Herrera exited the vehicle with Bailey following behind him. Before Bailey shut the vehicle door he locked them so Herrera could not get to Sinnott. Bailey was able to fend off Herrera on most attempts to contact Sinnott. At one point, Herrera was able to place a knife on the victim’s throat area. Sinnott told police he thought his life was going to end at the hands of Herrera.

Clifton stayed behind at Giz and Hum’s and called police. Once on scene, Herrera called Palacio and told him they were headed back to Desert Shadows Apartments with the victim. The officer was able to contact Herrera and the victim.

In a police interview, Herrera told officers he eventually found some of the missing money in his car and denied threatening or forcing the victim into his car.

Herrera is facing an enhanced second-degree felony charge for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and enhanced first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping charge that was enhanced because of previous convictions.

Herrera was booked into the Tom Green County Jail March 27 and has not been released.