Girl Scouts donate cookies to police officers

As a part of the Mission Smiles project, where the concept is to make people smile, Girl Scouts Troop 5130 delivered boxes of cookies to the San Angelo Police Department Friday for officers to distribute to citizens while on patrol.

According to troop co-leader, Becky Benes, Mission Smiles is a result of a badge called “The Big Idea” where the girls have to come up with a big idea to sell more cookies and learn marketing strategies.

“Girl Scouts is not just about cookie sales.” Benes said. “It is about teaching the girls business skills, marketing strategy, leadership skills, sales skills, follow-up and customer service. By the time they are done with Girl Scouts, even if they quit in sixth grade, they already know how to do sales.”

One of their customers from last year challenged the girls and told them that he would buy six more boxes of cookies this year, if they could think outside of the box and deliver cookies to a place they have never delivered to before.

One of the Girl Scouts, Mary, had seen a video on Facebook called “Pay it Forward”, where a man donated $100,000 to a police station and the police officers passed out $100 bills all day. That’s how she came up with the idea that local oficers could help them distribute cookies as a part of their Mission Smiles project.

Two-hundred forty boxes of cookies were given to SAPD officers to distribute and they are hoping that the donation will make a lot of people very happy.

Girls scouts cookies

This year, the girls have sold approximately 2,027 boxes, which according to Benes is a little less than last year. This year, however, each girl had their own Silver Reward projects to focus on as well.

Mary’s project is cleaning and decorating the Family Shelter because when victims of domestic violence go there they often leave before they get the help they need because of how unwelcoming the place seems, according to Mary. The project has already pledged to fix eight more rooms.

Shaye’s project is called “Be Me.” She says her school takes care of many special needs children. Her project is to create an event where other students get to experience obstacles to help them understand what special needs children go through every day.

Andi’s project is about how, she believes, there is an overpopulation of animals and how she thinks they are being abused because of it. She will make pamphlets with information both in English and Spanish to educate ¬†families to be able to have their animals spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulation and promote better treatment.

Rhiannon’s project is called the “Pillow-Top Project,” where she will help educate people about domestic violence and how to prevent it. There will be speakers about domestic violence and people can gather and donate pillows and stuffed animals to the families at the Family Shelter, so they will feel more comfortable staying there.

Girls scouts

The SAPD officers appreciated the girls’ donation and offered to help them with their Silver Reward projects. Officers believe each of girls’ projects are beneficial to the community.