Fulshear PD turns arrest report into Christmas tale

The Fulshear Police Department got a little creative for the holidays when releasing an arrest report in a press release. The Houston-area department had a little fun reporting a series of thefts.

Here is the arrest report in its entirety:

Christmas Eve, a time for family, reflection, friendship and generosity.

“Three young men must have missed the memo yesterday and are now spending Christmas day in jail.

Yesterday afternoon, these three individuals decided they would go holiday shopping, but not in the traditional since. While the rest of us were fighting crowds looking for that perfect “last minute” gift, three (not so “Wise-Men”) had something else in mind.

It all started in Houston where they robbed an individual and stole his truck. Not satisfied with their newly acquired Christmas present, they traveled to Katy Mills Mall for a little more window shopping, or as we call it, stealing.

These “angry-elves” came across an unsuspecting woman trying to get one last gift for someone special. They forcibly stole her purse, which contained her credit cards and cell phone. After they ruined this woman’s Christmas, they got back into the stolen truck and drove to the Academy located near Fulshear to do more “shopping” and use their newly acquired stolen credit card.

As fate would have it, (or a Christmas miracle) the ladies cell phone in her purse was transmitting its exact location.

Fulshear Police quickly arrived in the area. Officer Scott discovered one of the crooks waiting outside in the stolen truck. The crook jumped out of the truck and ran away on foot. This was not the best of ideas, as Officer Scott had not completed his daily work-out this day and was looking for some much needed exercise. The foot pursuit ended before optimal cardio could be achieved near the Sonic Restaurant. Once this suspect was in custody, other units from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and Fort Bend County Precinct Four began to arrive.

The other “Bad Santa’s” were unaware that their “get-away” sleigh and “reindeer driver” had been captured by Officer Scott. Therefore, these “joy-stealers” were also arrested without incident…unless you count “surprise” as an incident.

Subsequently, the three “Grinches” who TRIED to steal Christmas were charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Theft, Credit Card Abuse, Assault on a Peace Officer, Evading Arrest, Forgery, Possession of Stolen Property and Possession of Marijuana.

Merry Christmas EVERYONE…well mostly everyone.”