Fredericksburg Boy Scout leader eats 23 ghost peppers to raise money for troop

Fredericksburg’s Troop 137 recently posted a Youtube video featuring an assistant scoutmaster with a very strong stomach eating no less than 23 bhut jolokias, otherwise known as ghost peppers.

“He’s doing this to bring light to the fact that we desperately need scholarship money,” Troop Scoutmaster Gayne Young said. “Money for our boys to get uniforms and to go on trips.”

At the beginning of the video, Young advises viewers to not try this at home.

At a point about halfway through the video, Scoutmaster Gayne inquires, “Were you born of a jackal?” before issuing another warning: “Again, kids, do not try this at home. This man is insane. Something is very wrong with his throat, and stomach, and intestines.”

Young said the assistant scoutmaster, only identified in the video as “Johnny,” got very sick and ate six Klondike bars, drank a bottle of Pepto Bismol, Mylanta, a half-gallon of milk and “a lot of water” in an attempt to ease the pain, according to ABC13.

“He was sick out both ends with quite a bit of blood,” Young said.

Hopefully Johnny is back on his feet and Troop 137 has some extra funds for his… experience.