Former WWE wrestler prevents convenience store robbery in Florida

Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard prevented the robbery of a convenience store over the weekend in Coral Springs, Florida, according to Bleacher Report.

Gaspard was in the store when a man who appeared to be drunk entered and demanded Gaspard buy him a beer. When Gaspard refused, the man pulled a out a gun and revealed he intended to rob the store.

Gaspard said at that point, he thought “[Expletive] this, I’m not dying in Florida.”

Gaspard was able to take the gun—which later turned out to be only a BB gun— away from the suspect, who then attempted to flee. The ex-pro wrestler chased the man, slamming his head into a freezer door and immobilized him with a choke hold.

Gaspard’s friend’s, including his former “Cryme Tyme” tag-team partner, Jayson Anthony “JTG” Paul were waiting in a car outside and called the police.

“I thought it was a real gun the entire time and honestly, I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt,” Gaspard told reporters. “I just keep thinking about how I wanted to make sure I got home to my son.”

The suspect was charged with robbery with a weapon.