Former Oklahoma police officer sentenced five years probation for child abuse

Fired Oklahoma City police officer Jeremiah Thompson, 33, was sentenced Monday to five years probation for abusing a 7-month-old foster child in his care.

During sentencing, Oklahoma County District Judge Ray C. Elliott said to Thompson, “I don’t think you’re being completely honest with me. I think you need to come clean right now. I believe you know what happened and I’m not sure you’re telling everything… It just doesn’t all add up.” Thompson did not respond, but did read a short statement earlier in the sentencing, saying he was proud of his family.

Thompson allegedly shook the child on Nov. 17, 2014, at his home, causing brain bleeding and retinal hemorrhaging to the 7-month-old. He told authorities he accidentally dropped the child from three or four feet onto padded carpet.

The judge stated he didn’t believe Thompson meant to hurt the child, but believes Thompson is in denial about the incident.

Assistant District Attorney Gayland Geiger said the victim still suffers from the injuries but it is unknown if the child will have long-term medical issues.

Thompson was hired by the Oklahoma City Police Department in January of 2014. He was put on paid administrative leave after the incident occurred and fired in July of the following year, according to NewsOK.