Florida infant kidnapped in 1998 found alive in South Carolina

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office held a news conference Friday in reference to a dramatic turn of events in an 18-year-old abduction case.

A infant kidnapped from a Jacksonville, hospital in 1998 has been found alive, and is now an 18-year-old woman living in South Carolina.

In the news conference, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Kamiyah Mobley, who now goes by an unreleased name, was found in Walterboro, South Carolina, about 50 miles west of Charleston.
Kamiyah Mobley was not present at the news conference and no current photos of her were shared, according to WALB.

Gloria Williams, 51, of Walterboro, is being charged with the child’s abduction and has been extradited back to Jacksonville. Kamiyah Mobley reportedly believed she was her biological mother.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office partnered with the FBI throughout an investigation that lasted nearly two years. Missing child resources, tips and Kamiyah Mobley’s own suspicions helped lead the authorities to her location.

Sheriff Mike Williams said it was Kamiyah Mobley’s decision to reach out to her biological family, including her half siblings.

Kamiyah Mobley was 8-hours-old when she was kidnapped by Gloria Williams, who posed as a nurse in order to take the newborn. Williams allegedly roamed the the hospital for 14 hours, asking about Sharara Mobley’s baby. After spending five hours with the mother and child, Williams said the baby had a fever and needed to be checked out. She then wrapped the baby in a white blanket and made her way out of the hospital.

Although captured on video by security cameras, the footage was too blurry to provide assistance to law enforcement. The story was covered nationwide.

The Times-Union spoke with the mother, Sharara Mobley, on the 10th anniversary of Kamiyah Mobley’s disappearance. She said it was stressful “to wake up every day knowing that your child is out there, and you have no way to reach her.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said members of Kamiyah Mobley’s biological family, who were not present at the news conference, were”elated” by her discovery.