Five survivors in Colombian plane crash that killed 76

A plane carrying 81 people, including a Brazilian soccer team, crashed near Medellin, Colombia, around midnight Tuesday. Seventy-six of those on board have reportedly died.

Colombian authorities say all but six aboard the chartered plane died in the crash. The pilot of the plane had declared an emergency at 10 a.m. Monday because of an electrical failure.

Authorities say the plane was carrying 81 people including crew members and the Brazilian first division Chapecoense soccer team, which was heading to Colombia for a regional tournament final.

Tuesday morning, the soccer team’s association posted a message regarding the news of the crash: “In the light of the mismatch of news that comes from the most diverse sources jornalisticas, giving an account of an accident with the aircraft carrying the delegation of the Blackburn, Blackburn Football Association, through its vice-President Ivan Tozzo, reserves the right to Wait for the official pronouncement of the Colombian Air Authority, in order to issue any official note about the accident. God be with our athletes, leaders, journalists and other guests who are along with the delegation.