Fired San Antonio officer receives second indefinite suspension

The San Antonio police officer who was fired for giving a feces sandwich to a homeless man, Matthew Luckhurst, was given a second indefinite suspension for another feces-related incident.

As reported by the San Antonio Express News, in June 2016, one month after the incident with the sandwich, police said Luckhurst defecated in the women’s bathroom stall at the San Antonio Police Department’s Bike Patrol Office and spread a brown substance on the toilet seat.

A second officer,  Steve Albart, was also involved in the prank, according to incident records. Albart was originally sentenced to an indefinite suspension, but San Antonio Police Chief Chief William McManus reduced it to 30 days without pay.

Luckhurst was originally given an indefinite suspension in October because of the incident with a feces sandwich. He plans to appeal both suspensions.